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Elizabeth Kirschner announces the publication of her new memoir, WAKING
THE BONES, forthcoming in winter, 2015, from THE PISCATAQUA PRESS,
Portsmouth, NH. Book launch, Riverrun Bookstore, Portsmouth, TBA.

Excerpts from this book, often in earlier versions, may be found at:


Dear friends and colleagues,

It is now official, I have been named Maine's Literary Fellow for 2010 for My Life as a Doll, published by Autumn House Press in 2008. It is a tremendous honor, one that carries a
$13,000 award. I am terrifically grateful and very happy to share my news with all of you.

There will be an event celebrating Maine's four Artist Fellows, one in each discipline, on
October 29th in Bangor, Maine. If you would like an invitation, kindly send me your mailing address and I will add it to the list.

With great cheer!

Elizabeth Kirschner, from Kittery Point, is the 2011 Maine Arts Commission Literary Arts Fellow. Her award for artistic excellence was based on the submission of a series of poems titled My Life as a Doll. Elizabeth Kirschner was selected from among 90 applications in all literary genres. The out of state jury, responded to Kirschners’ original voice and courageous, almost feverish inquiry. For more info click below:




Elizabeth Kirschner talks about her latest collection,

"My Life As a Doll."

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Autumn House has nominated My Life as a Doll for the Lenore Marshall Prize from the Academy of American Poets.  The winner receives $25,000 and national publicity.

"My Life as a Doll"
Published by Autumn House press

My life as a doll

               was a life of waiting__hours

                               reeled like pinwheels, days

passed like wind blown

                 through black holes, weeks

                               hung heavy as headstones

The God took a knife

                cut me into pure pain,

                               alive amid birds

wilding in the grapevine

               while my dreams angled

                                into me like hooks, dragging me

away from Mother

               into a world

                               he forget to bless.


Copyright © Elizabeth Kirschner 2014• For personal use only • All rights reserved





     I’m happy to announce that I am now offering a mentorship program called:

                        WISE EYE: CREATING POETRY THAT SOARS

    My intention is to nurture poems and poem manuscripts at all stages and ages by taking a deep look into the heart and spirit of each piece, then contemplate upon the whole here in my home at Sea Cabin Retreat in Kittery Point and then respond fully and wisely to the work in either one-on-one sessions or via written correspondence sent through the mail.

     Author of four books of poetry with the latest being My Life as a Doll, which was published by Autumn House Press and nominated for the Lenore Marshall Prize given by the Academy of American Poets, I have extensive teaching experience. I taught for seventeen years at Boston College and prior to that brought poetry into the classrooms of many New Hampshire schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade. I also taught as part of Very Special Arts.